Butter – Make your own

Fresh bread and farm style butter

If there is one thing that can make most men smile, it is the thought of fresh bread with real farm butter.
Farm butter is something most of us can only dream of nowadays while take a sceptical look at the mass produced store bought blocks.

My mother had a saying … “Waste not, want not !”

Kliek hier vir die storie in Afrikaans

This saying became one of my guiding principles in my life. I find it hard to throw things away that might be useful later on. When I empty a tub or bottle I was it and pack it away because someday soon I am going to need a container and then one must be bought.

Quick and easy

Back to the butter … I am sure many of us has seen how one or more of our tubs of fresh cream reach it’s expiry date and stood there quite frustrated while we try and figure out what to do with it.

You can obviously use it as sour cream for baked potatoes but the fact remains … the fresh cream is no longer fresh.

Maybe many of you knows it, maybe not … there is a good use for it … make BUTTER !

That is correct … make your own butter. It takes around 15 minutes of your time and generates some dirty dishes but in the end you have tasty fresh farm style butter.

The bonus is that you can flavour it to your taste.

PS … you can use fresh cream as well. The first step is to place the cream in your food processor.

Around 5 minutes later

Run the processor at high speed until you see the butter is beginning to form. It takes around five minutes.

Add roughly three tablespoons of ice water and run it again for 30 seconds.

Tasty farm style butter

Drain off the buttermilk … that is correct … buttermilk.

Again add three tablespoons of ice water and run for thirty seconds.
Drain the liquid again. Save this buttermilk, it is great in pancakes or crumpets.

Scoop the butter into a metal dish and press the liquid out with the back of a metal spoon.

Flavour and press the last liquid out

Now I add some coarse salt mix it through. Dump any liquid that still comes out.

This is now the stage where you can personalize your butter. Use herbs or spices of your liking.

Pepper, chili, garlic rosemary … be bold or be traditional … your choice.

Scoop it into a suitable container and place in the fridge.

From a potential loss you now have butter … 500ml cream gives me around 170 grams of butter.

All that remains now is to get a slice of fresh bread and smile.

There are many ways to press the water out. me use cheesecloth and others small wooden presses made for this. I do it as described above.

A ball of flavourful butter

So there you have it … no more frowning when the cream goes off … pull out your food processor and make butter.

Just take care not to over process because the butter could go very pasty.

Have fun in your kitchen till I write another story. Here is my Facebook page … Man Kos … Like it if you want.

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